Furnished Open Space Belgrade Just For Your Business

Banovo brdo private serviced open space tailor-made just for your business.

Numerous requirements that we have received from small businesses who needed their own private serviced office gave us the inspiration to include one more space in our offer. We have opened a fully furnished office that is tailor made for just one business.

This open space Belgrade office has a 130 square meters surface, about 16 desks and we named it Banovo brdo Piazza 2.

Unlike most Belgrade office spaces that are available for rent, these furnished offices are built just for one business in order to provide them with absolute privacy, peace and quiet. This office is completely furnished and has everything that a small business can need from the desks and the chairs to the free WiFi and the kitchen. Our maintenance staff cleans your office daily and helps you save your time for more important tasks. Your only obligation as a tenant is to sit comfortably at your desk and do the best possible work.

You can also use our conference rooms to organize meetings with clients and business partners, as well as seminars and classes for your employees.

Working from a place that suits you.

Office space Banovo brdo Piazza 2 is on the perfect location - far from the traffic and urban noise, but close to everything that an entrepreneur and an employee needs. You will find plenty of local restaurants, cafes and fast food joints in the area, where you can have your much-needed lunch break. There is also a bank, a post office, plenty of supermarkets and pharmacies, as well as a gas station.

The nearest bus and tram stops are only a few minutes away and if you are coming by car you can always find a parking spot nearby or park in the local garage.

In less than half an hour you can visit Ada Ciganlija lake, Košutnjak park and its nearby indoor and outdoor Olympic swimming pools that can help you make a change in your routine. Take a walk in the middle of the day or go for a quick swim and return to your desk refreshed and ready to do some more work. Inside our business complex, you will also find a fitness center, which can be very useful to those who work too much behind the desk and don’t have much time for exercise.

Book your Banovo brdo furnished office space visit Monday through Friday and find out why many SMBs, as well as freelancers and startups, already work here.