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Our working space provides amazing office space
to all out of the box thinkers.

OUR concept

OUR, a term that represented successful associated labor unit in former socialist economy of Yugoslavia, is a concept or co-working business space that connects you with professionals of similar field of interest and helps you create new and enhance existing ideas.

OUR Hub is a creative and innovative surrounding where you can connect and advance in achieving goals. Use the advantages of new furnished business space that is fully equipped and pleasant to work in.

OUR work space

Expertise and support

In 2008, European operations of the company became part of the Asseco-SEE group, while the Pexim Foundation in Serbia and Macedonia and Pexim Australia operate within the holding. The Pexim Group's name has become synonymous with quality support, improvement and development of different segments in banking, finance, IT and telecommunications sectors across the region.

Over two decades Pexim improves and gives support to various segments of banking, finances, telecommunications and IT in the whole region.

From 1990 until the present, PEXIM has grown to include a group of companies with a presence in Serbia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, and Bosnia and Herzegovina employing more than 450 people. It became the leading regional company in the area of banking IT systems, providing services for more than 200,000 corporate and 2,000,000 individual clients.

Pexim expertise and rich entrepreneurship
will help your business grow.