Brand New Furnished Open Space Belgrade

Expanded Banovo Brdo Furnished Office Space

Since most of OUR coworking space gets occupied and all of our furnished offices get rented out very quickly, we realized people like this part of the city and that we need to give them more space, so we expanded our office offer to what is now called Banovo Brdo Piazza.

Those who decide on renting our furnished offices will also have fully equipped kitchen, meeting room for their internal meetings and meetings with clients, as well as a parking spot in the local garage or a free parking zone to park their car as long as they want. A printer is also available for all businesses renting our furnished offices and their employees whenever they need it.

If you prefer public transportation for your daily commute, you should know that Banovo Brdo Piazza is well connected to every part of the city and only a few minutes of walking away from the nearest bus station.

In case you like to spend your lunch break in nature or do sports, the biggest park in Belgrade, Kosutnjak, and Ada Ciganlija lake are fifteen minutes away on foot.

Our new furnished offices are even closer to the parking, excellent local cafes and restaurants, as well as grocery shops and markets. Everything else that you may need like a bank post office or a gas station is just ten minutes further in Pozeska street.

Organize Your Time However You Like

Banovo Brdo Piazza 2 open space Beograd location is conveniently set outside of the usual traffic jams, so whenever you decide to come to work, you will never be stuck in a car or a public transportation for hours. However, Banovo Brdo is far from an isolated part of town. What is more, it has everything you need to work and lose as little time on other tasks as possible.

In case you have flexible working hours, you can always go for lunch in one of the nearby restaurants and bars or take a walk, run, exercise and swim in Kosutnjak and Ada Ciganlija. This will give you whole new energy for the rest of the day, so you can do your work even better.

The best thing about Banovo Brdo Piazza is that it is not a regular business district and you won’t waste your precious time in traffic, but instead, you can go spend your time in nature, do your chores and work in peace and quiet.