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Private Office Space

Do you have a small or medium-sized company and want to work in New Belgrade? Would you like a furnished space, but in a quiet area where traffic will not disturb you, but not to be isolated and distant from the center of New Belgrade?
If you are looking for such offices, you are welcome to visit our office space in Milutina Milankovic street. Here you will find equipped offices for a minimum of three and a maximum of twelve people, as well as meeting rooms. A private office space will allow you to fully devote to the work.
This is one of the best connected locations in New Belgrade and traffic jams are rare in this part of the city. Only ten minutes away by foot is one of the centers of New Belgrade. Those who want to make a break during a business day or relax after work can enjoy in Danube riverbank,rich in sports and entertainment.

Different size offices up to 500m2

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